We are excited to share with you our new promotional film in partnership with charity HelpFilm, Pistachio Studios and TV presenter/Comedian Joe Lycett.

Joe Lycett kindly provided the voice over for our animation and says, “I was shocked to hear how many food banks there are in the UK and how much pressure they are under. Like many of us, I try to support but often feel like I’m guessing at what to buy when in the supermarket. BanktheFood is a frankly brilliant idea that will hopefully help the thousands of food banks in the UK get the supplies they need, when they need them. I’m proud to support them”.

Alan Walsh and the wonderful and creative team at HelpFilm worked with us to create our vision and the talented animators at Pistachio studios brought our vision to life. We are delighted with the final film.

Our sole aim for our film is to drive more users and food banks onto the app to ensure food donations are plentiful and relevant.

Please share our film and download our free app to help food banks get exactly what they need, when they need it here

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