How you can help - Volunteer

BanktheFood evolved, because we noticed that food banks find it hard to regularly update their needs to their community via social media and noticeboards. Food banks' needs are constantly changing as they collect and distribute food.

We are all about making life easier for food banks and this is where you can help us.

We would love to collaborate with schools, scouting/guiding groups, rotarians, community projects, church groups…….. in fact, we would like to collaborate with any community groups that would be interested in supporting their local food bank.

You can volunteer to help BanktheFood in the following ways;

  • Manage your food banks’ shopping list by regularly uploading their needs to the app. (For most food banks we automatically manage this, but there are some food banks that we are unable to automate for)
  • If your local food bank is not on BanktheFood app, please let us know by emailing
  • Manage the drop off places and participating supermarkets for your local food bank.
  • Spread the word to your local community

If you would like to help BanktheFood:

  1. Please firstly contact your local food bank and tell them all about BanktheFood app
  2. Offer to be the person who manages their listing by regularly inputting their shopping lists into the app (if it is not already there)
  3. Contact us at: Once we’ve confirmed you have authority from the food bank, we’ll set you up as admin, which gives access to really easy tools to manage using a mobile, tablet or PC

Alternatively just contact us at and we'll get the ball rolling.

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